Sunday, November 1, 2009

News - Mousy and Lissencephaly

Mousy and Lissencephaly

Last days have been calm. Mousy started to eat better, he is already drinking 150ml of milk...slowly but he is drinking.
Today Mousy had a play date and was so happy! I think that he had a small IS cluster, but dont know if I'm starting to be hallucinating. But on the way home he had 2 clusters of IS and we had to use SOS medication. At late night, Mousy had 38,6 of fever, but the fever decreased almost immediately without any meds.

Although all this things, i think that Mousy is having a good time...he smiles a lot (even when he had the IS clusters, right after he smile at us, like he was saying that everything is ok with him).
Next week will be very complicated for all of us, so we need to rest something this week.

Good night...

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