Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sounds, smells, memories

Mousy and Lissencephaly

Do you know that smell of dirty diaper or the smell that the baby have after he burps? Or that anoing sound he makes when we dont do what he wants? And that beautiful smiles he makes when he feel us around or we kiss him? Or the "i want to go to your lap" cry? How can we preserve that, like a photo or a video? How can we save the smells and the sensations that only we know our childes gave to us? How can we live the rest of our lives without trying this again after they gain their wings? How will we survive to their departure? I know for sure that i'll miss every single smelly diaper, every single cry, every single night without sleep...i already do. I know sometimes i say that i'm going crazy and that i'm tired of all this, but they are things in that moment and that pass right away..._Mousy smiles and all goes away. I love him so much...cant imagine what life will be without him.

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  1. You are a beautiful mother. I feel the same way...Some days and moments are so hard you think you may not make it but then as the day ends you how worthwhile all of it is for your little one.