Wednesday, March 17, 2010 we (possibly) go

Well...we've been far from the "international" blog's. Many work, many problems, many stress.


-After Mousy "made" one year (one year of diagnosis...on the 27th of january, mousy was born and a beautifull boy called L. had past away) the ghost of "death around the corner" was gone. Now is much more easy to go throught the day without panic with a cof or a small fever. Yes, we still panic, but it's different...dont know if i made myself clear...

- Our beloved puppy died with 12 years old...we miss her so much...Mousy feels that something is not right but dont know if he understand what. Me...i havent cryied yet. Our puppy was my companion through the college (she also had the degree...she went to the classes with me)...

- Mousy dont has any doctor appointment since december (when he went to the ER)...dont know if it is good. Why doctors dont want to know about him? So we are trying to find a new neurologist.

- We knew that Dr Dobyns is leaving Chicago and is booked until he is going to the new hospital. So our trip to chicago was cancel

- Now we are thinking about going to the convention...but we dont have any certains that Dr. dobyns will be our doctor in the we dont know what to do...

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