Friday, October 2, 2009

First day on Therapy

Mousy and Lissencephaly

Wednesday was our first day in therapy. It was good, but let face's not a hour each week that will make a difference. If i dont play with Mousy at home, the therapy will do almost nothing.
In the therapy place, when we were leaving, a saw a beautiful girl  of her 10-12 years sitting out side. I was wondering what was she doing in there, if she had some problem or if she was waiting for somebody. After a while i understood. She started to play with a small toy, smashing it against the table and making "aaaaaaaaaaa", like a 6 months baby.
Dont know where to go arrange forces to deal with all this, but i need to have forces. I dont understand how a mother will get forces to take care of her teen son that uses diapers. How she will get forces to live day by day, loving that precious boy, taking care of him...and then he dies. Dont know where to go to get forces...

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