Saturday, October 3, 2009

Many things

(Mousy and Lissencephaly)

Mousy's birthday is coming and i'm feeling terrified. I'm afraid of making any plans and that he will not be present at the time. I always have said that i wanted to do a big party (for all the parties that he will miss in his future), but now the only thing i want is to spend the day with Mousy and his father, play together and go for a walk, make a cake and take many pictures.

Today the vision therapist came to our house to help us with mousy development. They were very sweet and very conscious about Mousy problems, but we already do everything we can to help him. Of course they teach us other ways of stimulating him, but i dont think Mousy like the new ways very much.

About me...well, i'm still sick, but nothing major...just a simple cold that Mousy brought from daycare. I really dont know how does that boy brings everything home but never catch anything!!!

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